Who We Are


Laetus Education Private Limited is a supplementary education service provider with over 300,000 man hours of research providing communicative English skill development programmes for students of all age groups through Educational Institutions, Corporates and Franchisees. Laetus Communicative English course is a unique and innovative methodology incorporating activity-based tasks that reinforce students’ cognitive development at a subconscious level, delivered through connected classroom technology in partnership with Elucido Media Networks. Laetus English courses are provided through Franchisees all over India for Individual learners.

Laetus Education is a channel partner for Carnegie Speech® Company, USA for licensing their enterprise software for testing and improving English speaking skills for non-native speakers. Laetus English Lab offers Carnegie Speech’s NativeAccent® web based software with its state-of-the-art speech recognition and artificial intelligence technologies developed under license from Carnegie Mellon University. The patented Pinpointing technology and the unique Intelligent Tutor functionality assess each student’s individual skills and monitor the individual progress at a micro level. The periodic assessment reports and customized curriculum provide for substantial gains in listening and speaking skills.

Laetus Education is headquartered in Bangalore covering India and Sri Lanka markets.

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