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Laetus English Lab

Laetus Education introduces Laetus English Lab for providing access to NativeAccent® from Carnegie Speech® Company to educational institutions. Native accent is web-based software used in testing and improving English speaking skills and it features personalized, interactive and intuitive exercises and to give students the instruction and practice needed to rapidly improve spoken English With the Intelligent Tutor technology that tailors a curriculum specific to each student’s native language and current English skills, and with pinpointed pronunciation analysis that identifies spoken English errors and provides immediate remediation instruction, NativeAccent helps students improve their spoken English skills quickly and cost-effectively.

Carnegie Speech Company

Spoken Language Training: Anytime – Anywhere

Carnegie Speech Company is the premier developer of software for assessing and teaching spoken language skills. Using state-of-the-art speech recognition and artificial intelligence technologies licensed from Carnegie Mellon University, Carnegie Speech enables cost-effective, scalable and personalized spoken language instruction that maximizes training effectiveness and minimizes training time. With years of linguistic research, world-class technology and language tutoring expertise, Carnegie Speech provides language training products to a diverse and global clientele.

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