Connected Classroom Technology – Partnership with Elucido


Laetus Education is happy to announce the introduction of Laetus Connected Classrooms with the support of Elucido Learning and Collaboration System (ELCS). It had been a long standing wish to have a technology that provides 100% audio visual interaction and connects far off Educational Institutions to our primary classrooms/ studios from where we could provide the required training. Finally Laetus Education introduces this technology to partnered Educational Institutions.

With this move, Laetus Education will be able to cater quality training to all the partnered Educational Institutions and centers. Our master trainers conduct the trainings from our studios in Bangalore/Delhi.

Value additions in a nutshell:

  •      Uncompromised quality training
  •      Sessions are not missed because of the absence of teachers.
  •      Students get a chance to meet the students of another Institution located in a different region - providing more exposure.
  •      Students get exposure to future technology and classrooms right during their Education.
  •      Teachers of the Institution get training frequently on the same platform.
  •       Use of effective audio-visual content for better delivery and impressive training
  •      Grouping of classrooms from different Educational Institutions for easy communication and interaction.
  •      All sessions are LIVE and ACTIVE.

Laetus Connected Classroom components:

  •         IWB
  •         42” display TV
  •         Projector
  •         Audio system
  •         HD cameras
  •         Computer
  •         1 MBPS dedicated leased internet line
  •         Router
  •         Power backup
  •         ELCS application.

Laetus Connect – project implementation:

Laetus Education is the first mover in implementing real time interactive connected classroom technology in supplementary education segment. With quality man power, we shall be delivering to large number of students. Quality is not lost – Regularity is ensured – Content is safe guarded – sessions are made more interactive and impressive.

Unlike other solutions Laetus Connected Classrooms is not a content selling business. This is a real time, LIVE, virtual content delivery ensuring the principles of LTT are followed. Thus, Laetus Education wishes to ensure all our clients that quality is enhanced with the touch of technology that makes the future classrooms.

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