English Professional

Course: English Professional – 100 Hrs
If you are looking at a great growth in your career or business, you would require Laetus English Professional course. You would be delighted to have all the benefits of the advanced course and also get trained in Professional Etiquette, Telephonic Etiquette, Presentation Skills, Accent, Fluency, mastering communicative English Grammar and Soft Skills like – Team Management, Body Language, Stress Management, Leadership Skills, Inter-Personal Skills, Time Management, Confidence Building, Goal Setting, Managerial Skills, etc.

Laetus Professional English course has the following components:

• Etiquette • Conversation • Parts of Speech • commonly made mistakes • Question Tags • Transformation of sentences • Tenses • Direct and Indirect Speech • Suffix and Prefix  • Gerunds • Phrasal verbs • Idioms and Phrases • Telephone Etiquette • Group Discussions • Body language • Stress management • Inter Personal Skills • Time Management • Confidence     Building • Presentation Skills • British, American and Australian English • Group Discussion

Course delivery on Connected Classrooms:

Delivery of the course is done through connected classroom technology powered by ELCS application that connects geographically distant classrooms. Some of the benefits are as below:

  • The course is delivered by our expert trainers from Bangalore.
  • No compromises on the quality of training as all the courses are handled by master trainers.
  • Opportunity to interact and learn with students of multiple cities.
  • All sessions are LIVE.



All our trainers are well qualified, Industry exposed, Laetus Education trained and internationally certified.





We believe in your success as you will be our ambassador.
The course provides the following benefits

  • Polishes your Language and trains you to speak in an acceptable English accent.
  • Provides you confidence that encourage being successful in life.

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