Facets of English Language

Facets of English Language, authored by Ramesh Rao, is an essential handbook for anyone who is learning or teaching English language.

The book explores the basics of conversational English with numerous examples that help the reader grasp concepts swiftly and effortlessly. Common spoken communication phrases and errors, Indianisms, idiomatic expressions, tautological redundancies and more help you ease into any conversation and feel more confident.

Facets of English Language is exclusively marketed and distributed by Laetus Education.


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About the Book

  • 366 pages
  • Paperback binding
  • English language

About the Author

Ramesh Rao has been involved in the successful implementation of ‘wireless language labs’ in about 250 schools and colleges in various parts of the country. With a passion towards languages he is a part of a research team to enhance the linguistic abilities of the first generation English learners using ‘Phrasal Methodologies’ of teaching English language.

Ramesh Rao has authored the works of ‘Thirukkural’ by the great Tamil saint poet Thiruvalluvar with meaning in English and Tamil. He has also authored the works of the ancient lady saint Tamil poet ‘Auvvaiyar’ in his book ‘Avvai Sonna Aram’, for the first time of its kind. He has voiced the meanings in both languages. These works have been chosen to be distributed to schools in Tamil Nadu for the use of the students.


 525 (inclusive of GST) Add to cart

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