Lingo, the first-of-its-kind game-based speech assessment technology, is designed to make language learning fun for young learners.

Specifically for students of age group 8-12, this software combines high quality games with Carnegie Speech’s  state-of-the-art research based language learning curriculum and technology. With Lingo, young learners can have conversations with in-game characters, fight robots, earn badges and more with the power of spoken English. Students can improve their pronunciation, fluency, word and sentence stress, and grammar with these games. With in-built pinpointed voice analysis, the game instantly identifies errors in speech and makes corrective suggestions. With the online assessment tool, teachers and parents can track the progress and identify areas of improvement.


  • Lingo offers chat systems, gesture controls, character levelling and avatar customisation to keep the young learners deeply engaged and motivated
  • In-built automated speech recognition system that identifies over 63 native languages and actively works with players to correct pronunciation, fluency, reading and comprehension
  • Reward based games that allow players to purchase better gears, go to the next level, defeat robots etc. when they master correct speech
  • Mystery rewards and chances to score badges enable better concentration and dedication to the game

Watch the Lingo Overview

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