NativeAccent, an intelligent tutoring technology with advanced speech recognition, trains you to communicate in English regardless of your background or educational qualification.

The software’s patented pinpoint technology identifies errors in your speech and makes immediate, understandable suggestions to correct them using text, audio, video, and graphics. The training is divided into pocket-sized sessions covering phonetics, pronunciation, grammar, word and sentence stress, and fluency. By actively assessing your speech, the software identifies frequent errors and adjusts the course to provide more practice in these specific areas.

Studies have shown students improved their listening and speaking skills by 100% in just 10 hours of training. NativeAccent is ideal for any student, professional, and individual seeking to improve their spoken English skills.


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  • NativeAccent analyses over 63 different native languages and tweaks its course to suit your communication skill
  • Weekly progress reports allow you to keep track of your progress, identify your weak areas and work on them more
  • Course instruction is also available in your native language to help you understand the curriculum. The syllabus, however, is in English
  • Automated study reminders to help you stay committed to the training
  • Time-on-task sessions to test your proficiency

Training Mode

  • NativeAccent is an online software tool that you can access from anywhere, anytime. An initial assessment helps the intelligent tutor programme assign lessons and adjust the difficulty level of the course. As you start performing better, the software dynamically adjusts the learning plan to further improve your language skills.

Technology Requirements

  • A computer with a steady internet connection
  • An internet browser with Adobe Flash installed
  • A headset with a boom microphone
  • A user account on Carnegie Speech English web portal

Watch the NativeAccent video


 3,540 (inclusive of GST) Add to cart

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