Vinutha H M – Faculty, Language Lab, Department of English, Kuvempu University, Shimoga

Laetus Education’s very innovative research and teaching methodology in the vast area of language and
communication is considered to be the need of the hour. The techniques and the pedagogy is mobilized
according to the current demands of the day. The research undertaken is quite amazing which caters
the demands of the society in the realm of educational pattern. The best thing about Laetus is that,
it provides the subconscious learning where students feel at ease to understand the concepts and
get educated. My experience of being a part of Laetus is –I feel very enthusiastic and the pedagogical
approach has helped me in a number of ways to educate the students in the best way. Laetus certainly
has encompassed the modern approaches such as Skill Development Programme, Mastering of Texts
Books Programme, Performance Assurance Programme, Teachers Skill development Programme and
Parents Training and Counseling Programme which are relevant to the current atmosphere where it
ensures as well as assures the overall development of the pupil.

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