Laetus English Lab

Laetus English Lab, a pioneering solution designed exclusively for educational institutions, and helps students significantly improve their English speaking skills.

It combines the personal touch of classroom training and the effectiveness of the web-based software NativeAccent to provide instructions and practice that enhances their articulation, vocabulary, grammar, and accent. Classroom and lab curricula, based on Carnegie Speech Methodology, are interactive and activity-based. They are personalised to each student’s native language and current English skills. With pin-pointed pronunciation analysis that identifies errors and immediate remediation instructions, students start showing progress in just five weeks.

This course is ideal for students from Class VII to XII.


  • Customised modules based on each student’s native language and current communication level
  • Adaptive technology that rebuilds the curriculum based on problem areas and provides more activities in the identified problem area
  • Built-in patented pinpoint technology to exactly highlight speech errors in pronunciation, word stress, grammar, and fluency and offer remedial instructions
  • Objective assessment and reporting tool to determine student progress and motivate them
  • International Course Completion Certificate issued by Laetus Education in association with Carnegie Speech

Training Mode

  • Laetus English Lab requires minimum one class/computer lab session per week. We recommend 25 hours of training using Laetus English Lab for substantial progress in pronunciation, word stress, fluency and grammar areas.

Technology Requirements

  • A computer with a steady internet connection
  • An internet browser with Adobe Flash installed
  • A headset with a boom microphone
  • A user account on Carnegie Speech English web portal
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